Paul Meyer, Eddy Vanoosthuyse et l’Orchestre philharmonique de Bruxelles dépassent les oppositions stylistiques pour nous offrir une belle entente inattendue. Ormer Corlaix France Musique


Eddy Vanoosthuyse is professor at the Royal Conservatory, Gent (University College, Gent), where he runs an international clarinet class.

Eddy Vanoosthuyse: repertoire (from Mozart till the Music of tommorow)/principal clarinet Brussels Philharmonic/Flemish Radio Orchestra.

His assistents are:

  • Frank Coryn (orchestral excerpts and studies), principal clarinet Flemish Symphony Orchestra
  • Vincenzo Casale (early clarinet), soloist Anima Eterna
  • Marc Kerckhof (bass clarinet), soloist Royal Band of the Belgian Guides.
  • Danny Corstjens (technique and Eflat clarinet), soloist e flat clarinet Brussels Philharmonic / Flemish Radio Orchestra

Study programme

Inscription fee: +/- 700 euro (for Belgian and all international students)
no scholarships possible

  • clarinet : academic bachelor and master (pedagogy and solo)
  • combination clarinet – early clarinet : academic master
  • combination clarinet – E flat clarinet : academic bachelor and master
  • bass clarinet : academic master
  • English academic master clarinet
  • English academic master clarinet – E flat clarinet
  • English academic master clarinet – early clarinet
  • English academic master bass clarinet

Post graduate
Master after Master in contemporary music
Inscription fee : 2500 - 3000 €,  scholarship possible

  • clarinet
  • clarinet – E flat clarinet
  • bass clarinet

Eddy Vanoosthuyse is guest professor at different conservatories and universities, among those is the Lemmensinstitute in Leuven (Faculty of Music, Performing Arts and Education of the "Hogeschool voor Wetenschap & Kunst").

Rik Degeyter (principal bass clarinet Orchestra of Trondheim/Noorwegen) is his assistant.

former students from both institutes work now in a lot of orchestras in the world, such as Brussels Philharmonic, Orkest van de Opera van Ankara (Turkije), Orkest van het Theater Colon (Argentinië), Chamber Orchestra of New York (USA), Koninklijk Harmonieorkest van de Belgische Gidsen, Tronheim Symphony (Noorwegen), Waterloo Cedar Falls Symphony (USA), Connecticut Virtuosi Chamber Ordchestra (USA), Koninklijk Harmonieorkest van de Belgische Marine, Bloemfontein Symphony (Zuid Afrika), Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra (Lithuania), ... 

What’s not to admire about such an artist? Well, there’s always the pronunciation an spelling of his name! Learn it well because you’ll be hearing it for years to come whenever the topic turns to our generation’s finest clarinet players. James Gillespie The Clarinet - March 2008