Eddy VanoosthuyseKlarinet

Paul Meyer, Eddy Vanoosthuyse et l’Orchestre philharmonique de Bruxelles dépassent les oppositions stylistiques pour nous offrir une belle entente inattendue. Ormer Corlaix France Musique


Eddy Vanoosthuyse maakt radio-opnames voor onder andere de V.R.T. (B.R.T.N.), R.T.B.F., N.O.S., V.A.R.A., Radio Suisse Romande, Lietuvos Radio, Magyar Radio, Czech Radio, Danish Radio en Radio Chili. Hij maakt CD opnames voor Sony, Phaedra en Gobelin.

The Circle of Nature


  • 1. SUMMER - for clarinet, cello and chamber orchestra - 12:02
  • 2. AUTUMN - for clarinet and chamber orchestra - 5:12
  • 3. WiNTER - for clarinet, cello and chamber orchestra - 15:01
  • 4. SPRINF - for cello and chamber orchestra - 2:50


Composed and conducted by Dirk Brossé; Brussels philharmonic (Flemish Radio Orchestra) Concertmasters Marian Taché and Henri Raudales

Soloists: Viviane Spanoghe, cello - Eddy Vanoosthuyze, clarinet

Executive producer Dirk Brossé, Associated Producer and Editor Ronald Dom, Recording Engineer Manuel Mohino, Recorded at Studio 4 Flagey, Brussels, Belgium, Artistic Director Luc Vaes, Painting CCover Sylvie Zieba (with the kind permission of Editions Ivoire, France), design Jean Wattenberge - Photogravure Steurs, Antwerp, Belgium

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From Belgium with Love


  • 1. War Concerto - Dirk Brossé - 20:20
  • 2. Concerto - Jean Louël - 14:38
  • 3. Dubbelconcert - August Verbesselt - Bass Clarinet by Jan Guns - 18:06
  • Concerto Doppio - Jan Van der Roost - Second Clarinet by Neshu Neshev
  • 4. Monodia 7:35
  • 5. Dialogo 10:39
  • 6. Accordi e Colori 5:42
  • 7. Duetto Finale 4:13

Brussels philharmonic (Flemish Radio Orchestra) olv. Dirk Brossé

Brussels philharmonic (Flemish Radio Orchestra) olv. Silveer Van den Broeck

Sofia Soloists olv. Wayne Bailey

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War concerto


  • 1. War Concerto - Dirk Brossé - 23:19
  • 2-5. Symphonic Scetches for clarinet & bass clarinet - Carl Wittrock - 18:38
  • 6. Nearly Beloved - Dirk Brossé - 7:20
  • 7-9. Concerto for clarinet and band - Tryggvi Baldvinsson 28:10

Royal Symphonic Band of the Belgian Guides - conductor Dirk Brossé

Soloists: Jan Wijnenberg, Eddy Vanoosthuyse

Recording Leuven (Belgium), May 2004, Recorded by Gobelin Records, Recording engineer Anteun Hoesen, Recording supervisor Sijtze van der Hoek, Art direction Van Kelckhoven BNO

John Corigliano - Elliot Carter

American Clarinet Concertos

Eddy Vanoosthuyse - Brussels Philharmonic - Paul Meyer

Released by Aeon

Gouden label 2013/2014 door Klassiek Centraal

Van die saamstel van ’n hoogs luisterbare program tot die vertolking van elke noot en nuanse was die uitvoering louter plesier. Die bonus van die aand was die klarinetspeler Eddy Vanoosthuyse… Vanoosthuyse as ’n kunstenaar “van ware internasionale standaard” Elretha Britz Volksblad Bloemfontein, Zuid Afrika/South Africa